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Events By Hannah Coffey

Wedding Table Setting
About Me: Welcome


My name is Hannah Coffey and I am an Event Planner and Certified Myers-Briggs Facilitator. 

This business of mine started as a result of the love I have for my family. I wanted to create a life where my daughter would grow up seeing her mom pursuing a career she was passionate about, and one that helped others. Out of that, Effortless Soiree was born.

I have a desire to see relationships thrive. Planning a wedding is stressful and stress rarely brings out the best in us. When I partner with you, I am always seeking to work in a way that suits your personality preferences and help you understand the people around you better. By doing this, it relieves frustration, enhances communication and makes conflict so much easier. Through the planning process I hope to not only take the weight off your shoulders, but also help you grown in your relationship with your partner to start marriage off on the best foot possible. 

I cannot wait to partner with you!

About Me: About
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